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Empowering corporates and individuals through legal knowledge. We strive to be your reliable source for comprehensive and up-to-date corporate legal insights.


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Our goal is to demystify complex legal matters, enabling everyone to make informed decisions and navigate the corporate world with confidence.


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We distill complex laws into actionable insights, equipping you to navigate the corporate landscape confidently.

Mohua Singh


About Ms. Mohua Singh:

Mohua, the founder of law and jury, leverages over a decade of expertise in leadership, consultancy, and contractor roles. She is a Certified Chartered Secretary and a Certified POSH Enabler – Certified by the New Delhi Institute of Management and V Skill. Her skillset encompasses drafting, vetting, and managing legal documents; maintaining comprehensive compliance records; effectively representing companies before authorities; facilitating regulatory interactions; coordinating corporate meetings; collaborating on contract negotiations; and contributing to audits and secretarial matters. With a proven track record of empowering clients to implement good governance practices and regulatory compliances, she stands as a trusted professional in the field. As a respected authority in her field, Mohua has contributed insightful articles to esteemed publications including the Chartered Secretary Journal of ICSI and the Journal of Legal Studies & Research – The Law Brigade (Publishing) Group.